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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am so excited for rory! He will be premiering his beautiful stop-motion animation – Robot Dreaming – that he has been working on for the past year. I’m so proud of him and can’t wait for tomorrow night! If any of you are interested in coming up for the show let us know – you will have a free place to stay! Here’s the rest of the info….

Concordia University’s Master of Fine Arts program is presenting an ambitious interdisciplinary group exhibition that brings together works from sixty-five emerging artists working in painting, drawing, print, fibres, sculpture, photography, video, film and installation. This student-run annual Spring exhibition provides a unique platform for critical dialogue, the exchange of ideas, and the convergence of diverse creative practices.

Featured Artists:
Héloïse Audy, Griffith Aaron Baker, Elisabeth Belliveau, Yuula Benivolski, John Brent Bennett, Caroline Boileau, Marijke Johanna Bouchier, Amélie Brisson-Darveau, Patrick Bureau, Courtney Burke, Andrea F. Carvalho, Maria Chronopoulos, Sarah Comfort, Danielle Davies, Maria Doering, Twyla Exner, Leslie Fisher, Terri Jo Frew, Stephen Frew, Nicole Grinstead, Amélie Guérin-Simard, Tia Halliday, Jason Hendrickson, Megan Hepburn, Emma Waltraud Howes, Maskull Lasserre, Michael Love, Flower Marie Lunn, Margarita Lypiridou, Rory Magnus, Sarah Mangialardo, Nahed Mansour, Aydin Matlabi, Lindsay McIntyre, Nancy Anne McPhee, Vitaly Medvedovsky, Sean Montgomery, Taien Ng-Chan, Tara Nicholson, Erik Nieminen, Lenka Novakova, Dominic Papillon, Emily Pelstring, Katherine Pickering, Alisha Piercy, Meghan Price, Jerry Ropson, Clare Samuel, Frank Sanna, Geneviève Sideleau, Ronald T. Simon, Alison Slack, Zoie So, Suzie Synnott, Malena Szlam, Holly Tingley, Natalia Valencia, Jonathan Villeneuve, Thomas Wangsmo, Pavitra Wickramasinghe, Steven Woloshen, Clement Yeh, Vency Yun, Karen Zalamea, Aaron Zak

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2 Responses to Strata

  1. jenni_n_kev says:

    Yeah!! Congrats Rory!! You must both be very proud. I hope its a wonderful night. I hope we can see the whole animation sometime!!

  2. jenni_n_kev says:

    That ladies fabric art is awesome! I had never heard of her before. Its amazing. I would love to see that in person- I feel like I cant see the whole thing over a flat image- Thanks for the link!!
    and def. try to take some pictures of the show- i would love to see them!!

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