Of note.

First of all i highly recommend this book :
The 15-Minute Gourmet: Vegetarian – whether you are a meat eater or not the recipes are delicious! any of the recipes could be paired with meat if that is your desire…. honestly rory & i have tried almost all the meals in the book… and there isn’t one that we don’t love…
A great recipe website that i have been visiting quite frequently is…
Hot Knives – not only do these two guys know how to cook delicious vegetarian meals but also recommend and review lots of tasty brews. we baked the triple chocolate death cookies last week and they were delicious! also try: one-for-the-doctor-pizza (minus the pot of course!) i never imagined potato on pizza… but it was one of the best pizzas i’ve made!

Another great recipe site is..
Whole Foods
Try these:

Chocolate Earth Balls (soo good!)

Carrot Cake

Indian Dal

Black Bean Cakes

Stuffed Zucchini

Quinoa Peppers

Tofu Quiche

Portobello Mushroom Burger

Goat Cheese & Arugula Quedadillas
if anyone is interested in doing a recipe exchange let me know – i have plenty of glorious recipes i’d love to share and in return i’d love receiving some new ones!

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One Response to Of note.

  1. jenni_n_kev says:

    oh my goodness this post made me so excited. Ok so as I have expressed in past post I have been struggling lately with eating meat because of factory farming methods and I just do not have the extra cash to spend on local farm meat (as much as I wish I could) So I havent eaten meat in like 2 weeks and this was like the most perfect post to read. I am so so excited to check out these websites and reciepes and I have some great vegetarian reciepes I just got that I would love to share with you!!!! YAY!! i love new reciepes and love people who love to cook- cause i love it.

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