Coming home…

Hey everybody,

Rory & I will be venturing home to the Cape a week from today for the summer! Get pumped & get ready to celebrate with beach trips, bike rides, flower pickin’, rollin’ in the grass, sweet tunes, homemade ice cream, surfing and late night swims in the ocean! We’ve really missed everyone being up here in Montreal so we’re beyond excited to see everyone! We’re thinking of having a big BBQ in July… we’ll keep you all posted. Let’s make a date!

Lots of Love ❤

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4 Responses to Coming home…

  1. jenni_n_kev says:

    hey guys
    we would love to get together with you guys this summer sometime!
    Are you keeping your apt. in montreal over the summer?

    • damedefleur says:

      We are keeping the apartment – if your interested in taking a trip to Montreal over the summer you are more than welcome to stay at our place – i can email you details of the apartment/things to do etc. also – we would love to get together with you guys as well! rory wants to check out western ma and i’m sure you guys wouldn’t mind a trip to the cape :]

      • jenni_n_kev says:

        you guys are more than welcome to come stay at our place in the summer as well we have an extra bedroom. There are some great hikes and a bunch of stuff to do out here in the berkshires in the summer. We could all go to mass moca too! have you guys been there yet? Its great!
        Well enjoy the last little while in Montreal before you leave!!!!
        p.s. We are going to be having a big house warming party after we move into the house (probably in July) It would be great if you guys came out. Ill let you know they date when we make more definite plans.

      • damedefleur says:

        yes to all of the above! i’ve heard amazing things about the berkshires and mass moca and would love to go! let us know about the house warming party ❤ we should make plans regardless though!

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