The path with heart..

The plans had been up in the air about whether or not we’d be returning to Montreal come September until just a few weeks ago…. Since we returned home in June (and even before that) there has been a lot of thinking but mostly feeling and trusting ourselves and it was up in the air whether or not Rory would be going back to Concordia. After some thought, reflection & trusted advice Rory made the choice for himself not to return to Concordia for his Master’s Program in Film. He had been struggling for a while with whether or not the program was right for him – he felt like all year there wasn’t really anyone in the faculty or program who he connected with which is too bad because that should be a really big part of the whole experience… one of our friends said it best when she said, “getting your master’s is either a waste of time or a gift to yourself”… and later that night Rory thought more about what she had said.. he said that he felt like it wasn’t even a gift because the program wasn’t supportive and active and totally de-motivated him with the lack of energy coming from the department – it’s really hard to create when everyone is so burned out – the only time he created was on his own time just for him.. so he’s decided that he can be more productive on his own time & get more out of it without feeling so drained all the time. It was a tough year for Rory and he says it was the first time in his life that he was trying to make something work that just wasn’t naturally working – his gut was telling him one thing and his head was telling him not to “quit” – so it was both a very easy solution and hard one at the same time.. I still believe Rory would love to go study again – I mean I would too in an environment that was supportive and positive and motivating but I guess Concordia wasn’t that environment for him…. but there’s always hope that something else will come along the way. We still need to figure out the logistics… such as moving and all that gross stuff.. but after being home for some time I feel like I’ve reached a very wonderful moment of clarity and things are good… and even though I’m clear I crave more knowledge… so I know everything will work out just fine… we’re both taking the time to understand and know ourselves better and when fall rolls around it’ll be a whole new adventure…here’s to change and being young.

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