Moped Crash

Yesterday morning some crazy lady hit Rory while riding his moped to work. He was taking a left onto a side street when she just slammed into him going past as is if she didn’t even see him. His leg was the buffer between her car and his moped – meaning his leg was slammed into her car – the moped spun out and flipped 15 times one way while rory was forced the other way into on coming traffic – he forced his body to keep rolling so he wouldn’t get run over. As soon as he landed he thought he leg was broken it hurt so bad. Luckily there happened to be a team of EMTs at the bagel shop just where it happened so they were there within seconds and brought Rory to the emergency room. About 15 minutes later I got the call and jetted down there. Rory’s family and Mike joined me. Rory is okay – he is so lucky that nothing terribly bad happened to him. His leg scans came up negative for being broken but it is severely bruised and a bit hard to walk on. Other than that he just has a bit of stiffness and a lot of bumps and bruises and thankfully no damage to the head due to wearing his huge fox helmet (it may look funny but it did its job)! I think more than anything it just really shook up everybody – especially Rory. You really never know what’s going to happen when you wake up in the morning. It was a good reminder to everyone – I’m just so grateful that he’s okay… Sadly, we still don’t know if the woman stopped after she hit him… The police report will be ready today or tomorrow so we shall find out. I really hate that people drive so recklessly – it’s a privilege to drive a car and people totally misuse that. It’s really upsetting actually how many bicyclists and motorists get hit everyday. On my way home from the hospital I was behind some young woman who thought it would be a better idea to have both hands fixing and picking at her hair than to have them on the steering wheel.. what the heck? I feel like I see this scene everyday… it really bothers me and even more so when the impact of that selfish move is dealt onto another person… I guess the bottom line is that Rory is okay – something is telling him to take a step back – slow down and to take care of himself… which is a great reminder to all of us.

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