A moving adventure..

We returned yesterday from our weekend moving extravaganza and let me just say that it’s going to take a few days to recover from such a trip. We had planned to pick up a UHAUL in Vermont on Sunday and drive it up to Montreal because it was almost 50-75 percent cheaper than renting one in Canada. So on Saturday we gave the store a call and they told us that they had one for us but that we had to pick it up by 9:30 am. That’s fine except that it’s about a 5 hour drive from here to there. AWESOME. That was pretty much the start of this wonderful adventure… we decided it would be in our best interest to just drive up that night (Saturday) and sleep in the car until the morning hours. We arrived some time after 12 and slept in the back of my honda civic with the seats down and our heads/bodies in the trunk. Can you say, “Spine-a-bif-a-da” (as my Dad likes to say..) Wow.. It wasn’t the most successful night’s sleep but I was pretty pumped that I slept at all. When we woke up around 6 the sun was coming up over the mountains and we decided to head into town – Burlington to be exact – and fell in love. It is such a beautiful city! We were greeted by “good mornings” and smiles every where we went. It was unbelievable. Everyone was even cautious and courteous drivers as well – we surely weren’t in Montreal. We walked down to the waterfront – on Lake Champlain and it was gorgeous – it looked like the ocean. We had ourselves a big veggie omelet breakfast at the Burlington Bay cafe where I met Tom Annino’s doppleganger. It was uncanny… same dress, hair, even signature Tom voice… it was totally bizarre.

Anyway, I could definitely see myself living up there for some time.. I’d love to go back this Fall and explore more of the city and surrounding areas it seems like a pretty ideal place to live – close to the water and mountains, surrounded by good people… I also didn’t realize how close it was to NY. I felt really happy to have found such a lovely place! After doing a bit of exploring we picked up the UHAUL and so the journey into Canada began. I laughed pretty much the whole ride up there due to lack of sleep and Rory looking like a runaway truck driver – it was hilarious. We made pretty good time despite our spaciness and arrived up there just before lunch time. Then the fun began – packing, lifting, organizing… eesh it was gross. Collectively we don’t have that much stuff but when your boxing everything and piling stuff up it starts to get pretty overwhelming. After about a half hour of doing this we decided that we want to have a yard sale. I really don’t like the idea of having all this stuff. I’ve done fine without it for the past few months & I just like the idea that I could get up and go somewhere with just a backpack on my back – it’s not a good feeling being weighed down by a bunch of stuff.. it’s so amazing how fast it accumulates too (which makes me think of this amazing 15 min video – The story of stuff – check it out).

After packing a good 50% into the truck on Sunday we passed out shortly after 9 p.m. – at about 8 a.m. the fun started again and we were back to work. We were blessed with very dry weather – cool and no rain (not like the weather they’ve been having up there all summer). It was amazing too how many people watched us load the truck and struggle – almost as a form of entertainment. Not one person who passed through the lobby or anywhere else held the door or offered a quick hand. They just stared as you as you struggled through the doorway – sometimes right in your line of fire – testing you to see if you’d hit them or not. Weird… needless to say we were champs and plowed through it all in hopes to reach the finish line before dark. We rewarded ourselves after a really hard days work with some Pho Hoa and ate our last meal at the apartment. It was just before sunset when we took the last things out of our place… it looked so weird empty – like it wasn’t ours anymore and it definitely felt like it was time to go. We did one last walk around and said goodbye to the place that was our home away from home – our comfort zone in such a cold and distant place. I felt good in that moment – thinking of all that we have accomplished in the last year with ourselves and with each other. We looked at each other and shared a moment – looking in each other’s eyes we knew what the other was thinking – that it was time to go. It was an end to this chapter in life but also the beginning of a whole new one… and so we headed back to the states that night – eager to begin this new chapter and get back to fresh air and sunny skies.

Too bad we couldn’t power through.. at around 12:30 we decided that it wasn’t worth flying off the mountain and stopped at a rest stop and slept in the cab of the truck. Another awful night’s sleep where we woke up with wooden legs. At 5 a.m. we made our way back through Vermont as the fog rolled of the mountain side and braced the traffic ahead in Boston.. eventually we got back – only to unload the truck once again but was rewarded with a very powerful and much deserved nap on the futon mattress out in the garden… there is definitely a lot to think about in the coming months but I am confident that we will each find our path… one day at a time.. that’s all you can do.. and on that note it’s time for bed. good night!

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