a beautiful journey…

a beautiful journey…

(through the forest & to the seaside)

Life has been so crazywith little time to stop and jot down all the happenings and lovely moments going on. But I do want to share an amazing time I had just a few weeks ago… I call it a walk in the woods and by the seaside with Lady Siobhan.. I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful this day was – one of the best days I’ve had in a while. It was the weekend we were getting clobbered with rain (from the remnants of a hurricane) which made for pretty miserable weather but it was okay because we filled the days with good energy.

Anyway, Rory’s sister Siobhan was heading home for the weekend (from college) and I was excited to see her. I went out with her and the girls on Saturday and had a lovely time. When I dropped them off I asked her if she’d like to take some pictures the next day. She was pumped. I decided to head back to the Cape Cod National Seashore to Marconi Beach & the White Cedar Swamp (where Rory and I had been a few weeks prior). It’s just so magical and ethereal and full of beautiful positive energy that it was calling to us. I picked up Siobhan the next day and we chatted the whole way down the high way. I noticed the crazy sky that surrounded us – blue up ahead & gray far behind – the whole day was so symbolic for what was going on in our own little universes (specifically shi shi’s)..

After our arrival we walked over to the changing rooms so that Siobhan could transform – meanwhile I’m lured over into the trees by the bright red leafy vines growing throughout – picking a few to take along with us on our journey. Siobhan floats out wearing a gorgeous blue and pink dress that she found at the thrift store (and fits her perfectly..) paired with her mom’s evergreen colored cloak. It felt really right and exciting that we were there. As we made our way down the wooded path we came upon a snarled tree & my passion took hold. I took my first few shots and came in closer – she wondered where her frame of reference should come from during this shoot – I told her to just feel everything – that everything she was feeling up until this point had inspired this whole idea – her feelings inspired me.. I put myself back behind the lens and didn’t have to say another word – with every frame & click of the camera there was a connection – a powerful feeling & it felt beautiful…

Along the footed path we met a family with two children – one of which was 6 or so and was in shock as the came upon us standing in the woods taking pictures of a faerie goddess. Then her father said something that I’ll never forget… that the only way they got Emma (the little girl) to go to the swamp that day was because they had told her she might see a faerie princess & sure enough she did! How many times have your parents told you something familiar.. only for it to never actually happen…and how cool is it that it happened to this little girl! Amazing and she’ll always remember that.  About 15 minutes later we ran into them again on the path and the father asked if I wouldn’t mind emailing him a couple pictures. It was such a cool little moment shared and I was so thankful to be a part of it.

After an amazing time shooting in the woods we headed toward the ocean. I was hoping that the rain would continue to hold off as we made our way down to the sandy hills. I began shooting her on this rock we found in the dunes.. I saw some people having a picnic in the distance and sure enough it was the same family. The father and daughter came up & I asked Emma if she’d like a picture taken with Lady Siobhan… she of course loved the idea. Click. We headed down to the edge of the dune overlooking the beach – both of us looked at each other – we wanted to climb down. The father told us he’d watch all of our stuff if we wanted to go down. It was excellent. So I took off my rain boots and glided down the dune before Siobhan so that I might catch her in action.

I can’t even describe the feelings that followed.

As soon as we reached the shoreline the sky broke into grays and magnificent blues… the sky was an extension of Siobhan’s blue and pink dress..





The water was pretty chilly but in a good way – it fueled our adrenaline even more and made us feel truly in the moment. Siobhan found a really old shell (from a bullet) that had been rusted by time and the salty waves. We also found pieces of multiple ship wrecks. We noticed glistening smooth sand that turned out to be natural clay – it was so cool. Siobhan sat down next to some rusty pieces of an old ship and when I finally looked up I realized that right over her was a FULLY ARCHED RAINBOW…

I couldn’t believe it!

My breath had been stolen and the feeling over took me. We couldn’t even understand how or why but were so thankful that we were there. Such a beautiful reminder that everything is and will always be okay. I made her run out to a cluster of rocks just along the shoreline. I ran back up the dunes and started shooting. Click. Click. Click. I came in closer only to reveal the beauty that was flowing out of Siobhan… her whole expression changed… she looked beautiful and happy and free – as if she could just BE in this moment. Which is such a rare gift… we both felt so thankful that we could have experienced such a moment and even happier that we had someone who we could share it with – who could understand.

I have no idea where that rainbow came from that day – it hadn’t been raining for a few hours but all I know that that moment belonged to Siobhan… an extension of herself both body and mind and all the potential that she holds in this world.. and I was so honored to have captured it.

p.s.  IMPORTANT….as you can tell from reading these are images that I really care about (and Siobhan too) and there is a certain level of trust I put in people by putting them on the internet.. but I also know that the things that we love should be shared with others… so I’m entrusting in you that if you in any way use these images to please link back to my blog and to give me credit for the image itself.  Many thanks.


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3 Responses to a beautiful journey…

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  2. Chris says:

    These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful person. And “a beautiful journey” indeed! It’s almost as if you were foreshadowing over 2 years ago what was in store for Ms. Siobhan Magnus. The tags “inspiration” and “life, love & fun” are perfect for anything having to do with Siobhan, as millions of us have learned over the past year.

  3. SomeBready says:

    This is really beautiful. Simply beautiful. And these pictures captured Siobhan’s beauty, merged it with nature, it all fits perfectly I must say. Good job on the blog. I enjoyed it very much.

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