Back Home

As we were unloading our backpacks from Mary’s trunk it began to sink in that I was returning back to the East. We gave Mary a hug and thanked her for the thoughtful and wonderful time she showed us in this new place. After a smile and a few goodbyes we watched her car drive out of sight…

We put our packs on our backs for the last time and made our way to our last flight on the trip. We were making the start on our way back home, where our friends would be picking us up in Boston later that evening. We ended up going to the wrong terminal so we had to pass through a vacant forgotten terminal in the airport. It was really surreal actually – suddenly the heightened sound turned so quiet it was deafening and all time and motion were still. Very different from our experience so far in airports. Rory snapped a shot in this forgotten portal. As we made our way to our plane we said goodbye to the west but knew in our hearts that we would return to this place someday ❤

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