Peter Parker

Our dear little friend Peter Parker is gone today. For the past week and a half we have had him in a homemade ICU unit because I found him severely dehydrated 2 weekends ago. He hadn’t been eating or drinking any water for several weeks which can be normal of spiders this time of year but I guess this time it was something else. We did see an improvement in his frail condition the last few days and thought he was getting better but I guess he held on for as long as he could and finally let go some time last night.

It’s hard to imagine life without him – which is funny to say because he is just a spider but he has been a part of our life for 8 years. I remember giving him to Rory as a gift when he graduated high school. He’s been through it all with us. Through high school and college and up to Montreal (yeah, he’s been over the border!) – he’s been everywhere with us on our journey so far and I will truly miss his little unique spirit. ❤

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One Response to Peter Parker

  1. jenni_n_kev says:

    ooh that is so sad to hear! I’m sorry guys…

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