So back in January I attended NOFA/Mass’ Annual Winter Conference, ORGANIC AGRICULTURE:The Roots of a Sustainable Community with my favorite friend, Jean. It was pretty amazing given the chance to go but even more so because I got to go with her. She’s the guru of organic gardening and not just on the Cape… everyone at the conference knew her too (I’m not surprised… all those who meet Jean fall in love)! From the moment we walked in the doors she was greeted by friendly faces. It was awesome – just another reason to feel very thankful to have her in my life.

The keynote speaker, Eliot Coleman gave a truly motivating and beautiful speech at the start of the conference. He reminded everyone that we were all there for a shared love of living and eating well. He quoted people from the 1800’s and early 1900’s – which really gave you a sense of how it was 100 years ago and how far we’ve come from that…how we’ve disconnected ourselves from nature and in turn disconnected ourselves from our own selves. It makes you wonder how we all got so lost in it all. But it’s time to get back – to get back to the beginning, a simpler and more pure time – one in which we are connected with ourselves, nature and our culture. Where we are able to provide for our own selves and feel productive and satisfied. It sent my brain reeling. There was such an amazing energy flowing through that auditorium. It was nice to take a minute to look around and acknowledge everyone that was there. I felt really proud to be there.

I got to participate in some great workshops and of course the amazing organic pot luck lunch (everyone who attended brought some homemade for 7-10 people)- it was truly a site to see. They had a great turn out this year with twice as many people (about 800) than any other year. Turns out people welcome change and new ideas. On top of that I got to meet lots of amazing passionate people and overall felt that this experience and their dedication to the importance of sustainable living made me a better person. There’s some really positive energy flowing through me. Get motivated. Gain knowledge & feel better! Do it!

Also, if any of you feel like talking about NOFA, organic farming/gardening or anything related I’m always open for good conversation! Check out the important stuff here: Nofa/Mass

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