Here we go…

Leaving a place always gives you that bittersweet taste in your mouth… when you say goodbye to someone (especially your mom or dad or sister) a flood of memories rushes through your blood and heart and makes its way right to your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you know you will be talking with them often and all of that. There is something about watching someone fade away in the distance as you pull away. I went to say goodbye to Jean yesterday and as I was leaving she said something to me that really stuck. She was talking about how she hopes we have the most beautiful experience and I assured her I hoped the same.. that I knew there would be low points but you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the high points with out the low. She said, “You know there is a saying…. Crisis is followed by victory.” I really liked that. I want this journey to be a victory – but I guess I’m half way there since going is half the battle.

As I looked around I got sad at thinking about all the farming that was to be done over there – like I was going to miss out on one of the greatest gifts I’d ever been given… that relationship I had been given with Jean. As I pulled away I looked back and there she was in my side mirror waiting for me to pull out of view. I said goodbye to my dad this morning and he mentioned how he wouldn’t have me around this summer to help out on our farm and garden… the flood was building up inside. But it’s that flood that makes you feel alive. It’s pretty amazing how you can be so connected with a certain few in this lifetime. You feel so much – you feel alive. So, in a little while I’ll be saying goodbye to my mom and my sister. It never gets any easier but I suppose that’s all the more reason to take that first step and do this. I will dearly miss all of my friends and family.. the people I connect with most in this world. But it is all of you who I will carry with me on this journey. My strength, support and my inspiration.

And so the adventure beings…first stop… Mohawk, NY…

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