First Day, First Stop

What a beautiful day it was on Monday. With our car packed with food, camping gear and excitement we headed down route 6 over the bridge and were ready for adventure. Our first stop was in the Berkshires, MA in the town of Lee. We stopped in – in hopes of finding my cousin Kendra’s B&B or Jen&Kev’s house but after a little searching had no luck (it might have been good to have their numbers handy.. hehe). We were hungry though and stopped in on Main Street. It was a bustling road with an old time feel. I spotted a green and yellow sign that seemed inviting so we came in closer for a better look. “The Berkshire’s Green Grocer & Claire’s Cafe” – sounds awesome, right? Well it was – only organic and vegetarian/vegan options on the menu here. What are the odds? We both got the Happy Monday (rather suiting for the occasion) & a ginger brew to go….

We sat outside in the park and watched everyone else bustle around in their cars while we sat and had all the time in the World to enjoy our delicious sandwiches…

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One Response to First Day, First Stop

  1. jenni_n_kev says:

    ahhhh my school is seriously like 2 seconds behind that place. We were so close!!! bummer!!!

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