“I like what you said recently about taking me around your home town – how you actually hadn’t been out and about in any part of your town in a long while, and how it was nice to know that its not the place but the people you are with that makes things nice and I couldn’t agree more. The places that are truly coming alive to me on this trip are the ones with the people that are alive. The one’s who are passionate, happy, ever changing and open to possibilities… the one’s that after I’ve left their homes I feel purposeful and blessed to know.

I told you a week ago that it only take one pure and true moment to see somebody and when you do everything in this life makes a little more sense. It’s strange to be in Wisconsin – it’s even stranger to be far away from everyone I love… but I feel like me still…I’m just in totally new place. What’s funny is a lot of people take trips like this to find themselves and I guess that’s part of it but I feel like this is so much more than that. That because I trust myself I am now opening myself up to connections to people who will bring new ideas and passions into my world and without realizing it little by little I will change and grow depending on each kind of connection – taking a piece of each person and having a piece of them live through me.”

– An excerpt from une lettre a mon ami, 5/17/09

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