New Friends

One Saturday Rory and I decided to bike down to the Oregon Brew Festival on the River to partake in the festivities and experience a bit of culture. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what we expected it might be (it seemed to draw in a large number of socially awkward and ridiculous people) but it was nice to spend a little time tasting new brews and some really tasty African food. Afterwards we were unlocking our bikes and the girl who was locking up her bike when we first got there was now leaving at the same time as us. She made note of it and we all got to talking for a while. Before heading off on her bike, the lovely Erika invited us to her friend’s house for a Jhort (jean-shorts) bbq. We gladly accepted. We were psyched – it had been our first chance in a while to ‘hang out’ with people our age.

We spent the night amongst strangers who all happened to be from the east coast – a few of them were even from Massachusetts. It was strange but definitely gave us a common ground to build upon. I got to talking for a while to Stacy who actually went to school at Smith in western MA. We talked of traveling, jobs and philosophy and everything in between. She was pretty rad – it was really cool to just sit and talk for a while with people we didn’t know. We have met a lot of pretty cool people along the way but it was cool to hang out with our peers for a night – seemed like we all had a lot of common ground between us. After a while, since we’re used to going to bed when the sun goes down we said our goodbyes and Erika invited us to go swimming on the river the next day! We couldn’t wait. It had been reaching over 100 the previous few days and we were in need of a relief. Little did we know it would be quite the summertime adventure…

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