Oneonta Gorge

The Ryan Thompson and his lovely girlfriend, Becky have been living on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington for the summer and made it through Portland a few weeks ago on their way to Becky’s family get together. They stopped in on Friday night and we shared some homemade zucchini crust pizza, zucchini chocolate chip cookies and some frambroise beer that Becky brought. It was awesome to see some familiar faces. We joked about the stuff we always joke about and caught up on our adventures.

We decided to go for a hike when they would be passing through on their way back up to Washington. We found out about this trail near the Columbia River Gorge that follows the river and leads to a beautiful waterfall. The river is the trail which is cool and never got deeper than 3 feet or so – so we weren’t freezing at any point the water was actually really refreshing. The beautiful place was called the Oneonta Gorge and was bypassed by most tourists who were preoccupied with the gorge’s neighbor – Multnomah Falls.

The scenic highway that follows along many state parks and Mt. Hood National Park was breath taking. The shadow of trees painted the road and with our windows down it felt like the perfect summer day. When we arrived we were ready to head down the river. We had to climb over this giant log jam which was pretty cool. It took a lot of confidence and balance to make it look effortless but as soon as you decide you can do something – it happens. We continued down the river through some cool passes and at the end of the gorge was the beautiful waterfall. Becky and I were not brave enough to dive in the water but Rory and Ryan spent a good deal of time swimming and even climbing to jump in from the cliffs. I swear some of the water out here is the clearest I’ve ever seen. It looks so pure compared to the water back home… a crystal clear green-blue that sparkles no matter which way you look at it. After swimming and a few pictures we headed back to the car. Ryan and Becky were to make the ferry later that night to Orcas and we didn’t want them to miss it. We made plans for a visit up there and I couldn’t wait. Although Portland had been awesome to us since we got there I was itching to get out and see some of Washington. I just had to see if I could wait a week or so…

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One Response to Oneonta Gorge

  1. jenni_n_kev says:

    How beautiful is this place!! Wow it look so amazing. I love jumping off cliffs into water. So fun! I hope you guys are having a wonderful time.

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