Path with Heart…

Dreams becoming reality can you dig it? The path with heart continues… It’s strange how fast it all moves. Time, people, places… We’ve been gone 4 months now and so much has changed and somethings not at all. Sharing this experience with Rory has been everything to me. We’ve seen so much and discovered even more. To share this life changing experience with him has made us stronger – making me realize that together we can set out to do something and conquer. We’ve both learned a lot about ourselves and have come to this point where are paths of heart are branching out in different directions. Rory has been working hard as an animator at Fashion Buddha and I am on my way to make my farming dreams a reality.

I understand that right now our paths are taking us different ways and we have to explore them to be full people… to be our own people.. there’s a lot of respect between us and an understanding… it’s really hard but that’s what makes it the right decision. It’s pretty awesome to have come this far and realize where it is our hearts are taking us… makes the journey that much more important to have shared it together… and clarity is present – we know what we each have to do.

It really is time to test our individual strengths and grow… to see what we can accomplish on our own and in turn bringing that much clarity into our own lives and sharing that deep meditation of self awareness with each other. It’ll be really hard to pack up that car and say goodbye to that face I know so well but I know in my heart that nows the time.

He is my best friend. He gives me the strength, inspiration and motivation to be who I am and there is no greater love in the World than that. He will take Portland by storm and do great things. He will find himself out here and we will meet somewhere in the middle. I feel like I’ve already lived a beautiful lifetime with Rory and we’re only just getting started…. cheers to living the life less ordinary…

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