à bientôt ma chère

At 11:46 am September 5, 2009 I am left alone on the coast farthest from my home. My love has set out to cross this huge continent once again, to follow the force that is tugging at her heartstrings. She has made a difficult decision, one that will prove to be torturous for the both of us, but one that will ultimately provide us myriad opportunities for personal growth. Not since I lived in France for six months have we been so divided by distance and time, and now that distance will be much more vast as it is amplified by the indefinite duration of our separation. After I watched her drive away in the car that carried us both all the way over mountains, through deserts, and up the Pacific coast, I stared into the clouds and let the cool raindrops mix with hot tears on my face. I could see the sun light pulsing just beyond the clouds and casting a silvery glow on the world around me. I thought of how different it will be to not have the one person I share everything with right next to me every day. Today I am sad and I will miss her like I have never missed anything before. I now have a deeper grasp of what old Juliet meant when she said, “…parting is such sweet sorrow.” The grief of watching your lover go away is a heavy weight to lift, but as someone I know said, maybe this weight is a gift.

Jess has once again proven that she is a stronger and braver person than most. Many times she has trusted her instincts and followed the path of heart to where she knows she will in the end attain the most happiness and fulfillment. I am proud of her. I am proud that we have a relationship strong enough to withstand time and conquer distance. In the end it is all relative, and years from now we will look back at this time of absence as a mere fraction of our lives, lives that will assuredly be rich and free from regret because we had the wisdom and the courage to actually do the things we said we would do. Our relationship will endure, despite what many skeptics and cynics would say. Trust, believe, love.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rory, This made my heart ache for you….you and Jess will endure and come out of this stronger than ever. Trust, believe, love….and a little faith. We love you guys…Meg, Mark, Sheamus & Owen

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