Where there’s always a rainbow…

We reached Montana and mountain time in the early evening. Bigger mountains, lusher forests.. we were in big sky country. We found a campground in Lolo National Forest – it wasn’t the best campground but it was the best we were going to get. After putting our money in the slot we made our way back to #4 and a man who grew up in Connecticut began to make our acquaintance. He was a nice man who was wearing jeans and a denim jacket. He had wiry gray hair and a fantastic unkempt beard with amazingly icy blue eyes. He moved to Montana in 1979 and never looked back. You could tell he loved it there. While he was talking I noticed something in the distance. A rainbow that reached across the sky – all of the colors were there. I said, “Look there’s a rainbow!” and pointed it out to Danne. We excused ourselves and ran for our cameras.. it was absolutely beautiful the way it stretched across the sky.

We made dinner with our favorite ingredient – leeks – paired with some mac n’ cheese. After dinner we made tea and had some of the cookies I made just before leaving Portland. The man came over and said we were more than welcome to come over and enjoy the warmth of their fire. We thanked him and decided to use the logs that were left in our pit and to see what would happen after. About 5 minutes went by and the man came over followed by two boys carrying firewood. The man had a shovel with a burning log balancing on top of it…the burning embers looked like a city lit up at night. A very kind gesture – bringing us their fire. We watched the 3 of them work together to get our fire going. After a few minutes it was burning bright and he said, “welcome to Montana..” It was a sweet gesture indeed. Danne and I got cozy (it was pretty cold up in the mountains .. a lot colder than we had expected) and wrote in our journals for the rest of the night by the warmth of our Montana fire…

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