Oh Uni…

After saying our goodbyes to the Johndreau’s we drove through the Badlands and then through the ever-expansive green pasture that kept the cattle in South Dakota very happy. I told Danne about my Hawaii ticket and she knew that I had to do it. We made it half way through the state and decided we should have some celebratory pie. We ended up stopping at the same diner that Rory and I had stopped at on our way across back in May. This time I tried the strawberry rhubarb. While indulging in my pie I got a phone call from Joe – who had found my screw to my mess kit lodged between the planks of his porch. What good news I thought. Julie was coming to the Cape the following week so she would bring it back to me.

We attempted to bring out Danne’s dinosaur of a computer to buy the ticket but alas no power. Her beast would not operate unless it was directly plugged into the grid. So, after pie and a spot of coffee we headed east towards Minnesota. I sent my friend Tyler a message about tickets – he had been working hard all summer at a few farms back east and had toyed with the idea of coming along to the farm in Hawaii. We made it to Blue Mounds just as the sun was making its way over the western horizon. The campground was pretty excellent – showers, pretty view and good vibes. Danne & I shared a moment just before our Indian dinner, which was paired with some delicious wine. She couldn’t have been happier knowing that she’d be getting a hot shower in the morning and I couldn’t be happier about this decision I was about to make. Later, Tyler called to check in about Hawaii. He said he’d buy my ticket for me over the phone since he had the luxuries of living in a house with wireless internet. Our connection was intermittent due to the terrible phone service but after a time he called me back with a confirmation number for the flight to Hawaii on December 3rd. That was it – winter in Hawaii… I knew in this instant that lots of things were about to change.

The Universe was a crazy place that night… it was that night that I decided that Danne and I were cosmic sisters. Our energy had brought us together and other wordly happenings kept popping up. We spent the rest of the night talking into the wee hours. Our late night stash talks made me feel comfortable and close – I felt so fortunate to have this new friend in my life…. I slept soundly that night and woke to the sun rising from the east over the gorgeous rolling hills of Minnesota… today we’d be heading out for Northern Wisconsin and I don’t think either of us knew what we were getting ourselves into….

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