The Road to Nowhere

After some yummy oatmeal and free hot showers we continued east across Minnesota through the twin cities to Wisconsin where Danne and I had some great stash chats along the way. We reached Rt. 8 in Wisconsin around 4 o’clock.. it seemed pleasant at first but as the sun went down we noticed the mist that was creeping its way out of the marshy fields and forest. After filling up with gas we decided to head towards the only National Forest for many, many miles. When we reached the park road we saw a big blinky light that read, “Bridge Out 12 Miles” – the campground was 10 miles away so we thought we were golden. The creepy Wisconsin mist began to really roll in as we made our way down the windy forest back roads – several deer were lining the road – their eyes shined yellow and green as our car’s headlights flashed them with wonder. A few cars passed driving rather quickly – where were they going we wondered? We passed some abandoned, dilapidated trailers and old farm houses that appeared every few miles. Between the mist, the back roads and the old abandoned buildings we truly felt like we were in a horror movie. Paonia, Colorado was starting to look really good. So we continued to follow the road – there were no signs anywhere – it couldn’t get worse could it…? We get to the bridge or what was once a bridge and was now just a pile of rubble and realized that we wouldn’t be camping there tonight – where ever there was.

Time for a plan B… we went back to the main road and decided we should nourish ourselves with some dinner before reaching our point of desperation – it’s one thing to be tired but to be hungry was too terrible of a feeling. We’d find a place to eat, pull out the map and figure out a plan. We saw a gas station in the distance and a sign for a restaurant called, “Boondocks” – we figured this was as good as it was going to get considering we were in the middle of nowhere. Upon pulling into the parking lot we noticed a sign that said, “Congratulations Mindy & Alex…” with a big white wedding tent display set up in the middle of the gas station parking lot. Some place to get married. We hoped the reception was that night so we could score some free food but alas it wasn’t until the following day. So we wandered around the gas station looking at all the gross food and amazing Wisconsin fleece ponchos that we considered buying for Ted and Danta. We decided that Boondocks couldn’t be that bad and went in and ordered the safest thing on the menu (or so we thought) – pizza. I went outside to grab the map and took a reassuring deep breath before heading back in. Upon returning back inside we decided to look for cheap motels or any other camping that would bring rest and safety to our current situation. In the mean while our pizza was brought out to us and Danne almost gagged (there were certain textures that she couldn’t handle and boat loads of cheese was one of them.) They must have used two bags of cheese on it alone. We pulled off most of the cheese and only ate about one piece each. Apparently Boondocks wasn’t as safe a bet as we originally thought… but that’s all there was. We lied through our teeth when we told the waitress the food was good and made our way back to the car in hopes that we’d find our safe haven at 10 at night on the roads to nowhere in northern Wisconsin…

First thought was to maybe find a hotel to stay at – $70 for the crappiest hotel(s) in the land so I turned on the GPS and we searched for commercial campgrounds. Pelican Lake was just a few miles away so we decided to go for it. The Wisconsin mist was bolder than ever creeping in over the lake. We arrived around the bend at the RV park close to 11 at night. We drove around the park to find a grassy knoll to sleep for the night. We passed RVs and trailer homes with elaborately decorated front lawns – chachskis galore and it made me realize that perhaps they weren’t just there for the summer. We found some grass down below away from all the regular tenants and decided to go for it. I think we were both a little on edge due to the feeling we had absorbed from our Northern Wisconsin adventure. I looked up at the sky – the mist couldn’t reach that beautiful canopy (thank god) – the stars were brilliant and I asked the Uni for safety and sleep. I saw that sky and I knew that everything was going to be ok… but just in case I still slept with my switch blade – which I can laugh about that now.. ha. Our heavy heads hit our pillows and were awoken at 6 am by Danne’s alarm clock. I rose and she followed – we packed up camp as the sun began to show itself through the mist (it was still there!). We ditched out on paying (the only time I’d do such a thing… it didn’t feel right paying) and headed to town for breakfast – or really some yogurt from the only gas station for miles.. we couldn’t wait to get to the U.P (upper peninsula of Michigan)!

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