Sleeping Dunes, Tahiti Sunrise

Wonderfully enough we both slept without too much interruption and awoke at 5:30 and made our way to the bathroom to freshen up and wash our faces. We packed up camp and headed up the dune to watch the sunset come over Lake Michigan. Danne went to check out the other side as I just sat at the top and watched the crimson sun shine over the trees, dunes and water. What a beautiful way to begin the day – not another person in sight just pure solitude.

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After the sunrise Danne rolled down the dune and we had a good laugh together. We headed to the scenic drive to enjoy some views before we hit the open road. We ate some raw almonds and decided to treat ourselves to a delicious breakfast. When we didn’t find a place on the way to Traverse City I suggested maybe we return to that café by the brewery – we didn’t have much to lose so we went for it…. Success! Not only was it open but they had fair trade coffee, local produce and delicious pancakes. Mmm MmmMM. We were already winning on this day – thanks Uni! After a nice breakfast full of reflection and good conversation we jumped back in our trusty Honda and headed south for Detroit. We initially had planned to stop in Flint to take some pictures there but when we stopped the drive to take pictures dwindled. There was plenty of dilapidation and abandonment to be captured on film but something kept us in the car. It might have been that feeling of sadness – that feeling of life that was once there no and no longer can be found beneath all the broken down, buried layers…

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We pressed on out of Flint to Ontario, Canada. We stopped at a rest stop and had some pb&j and a piece of cherry pie. Danne lied down on the sideway for a few minute schnooze.. we were exhausted. We were planning on driving through Ontario and sleeping somewhere near Niagara Falls before our homestretch to Cape Cod, MA. But before we could make it to Niagara we had to deal with border immigration….

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