It’s Good to Be Back..

We trucked on down I 90 until we reached 495. It was late in the afternoon and we were heading to good ol’ Cape Cod. Naturally we discussed driving over the bridge – should it be funny or serious – we of course decided that everything else in life is serious so why not make it funny. We picked out some classic 90’s jams from our trusty ipod collection and headed for the bridge. We went to the Sagamore which ended up being a bad idea because they were working on it. We started the song and headed onto the ramp triumphantly only to be crushed by the annoyance and weight of getting stuck in traffic.. but we still boogied our bums off. We coasted down the mid cape and got off at our beloved exit 5. Danne’s parents (funny enough) lived just a few streets over from my parents house. So we blasted down Rt 149 as it was starting to get dark. How funny it was to now be in a place so familiar – I had gone down these roads so many times before.

We had come so far and could still laugh and have fun. Danne was a great accomplice in this whole adventure. I felt that it couldn’t have worked out better – that we were exactly where we were supposed to be. So, we pulled onto Bridle Path and pumped the jams. We were both expecting to have all the neighbors come out and see what all the fuss was about but no one did. It was only when we pulled into her parents driveway that they came out to greet us. We arrived as Ted and Danta – decorated in our fine (but worn down) mustaches. They seemed amused by us but not as amused as we were by our own selves (haha). The whole gang was there; mom, dad, her brother Sean and even Sondra. It was my first time meeting the Dzenawagis’ and I wasn’t sure if this would be a great first impression ha ha. So we chatted a little about the trip and took a few pictures posed on the car. I helped Danne unload a few things and decided that it was my turn to head over to my folks house. I said goodbye to Danne and told her I’d be up that weekend to see her because I’d be sure to go through withdrawals not having her there. Its bittersweet when anything ends or goes away but that is life – we have to be thankful for the opportunities that are granted and accepting of the change that is about to come. So, I might have been done with this adventure but the journey continues and I just had gained a very important cosmic sister in my life…

I got back in my car and waved goodbye, put my selected tunes on (a little Warren Zevon for Ted) and headed down the street to 1090 Old Falmouth. My mom’s flower cart was adorned with a sign that read, “Welcome Home Jess!” The sound of my tires hitting the gravel was a familiar sound to me as I flecked up stones and newly fallen leaves in my parents driveway. I choked in anticipation of seeing my family. I saw a familiar face in the window – a certain blonde haired wookie dog who I wondered if she’d remember me! There wasn’t anyone there – no cars in the driveway – my homecoming fell flat on its face. To my surprise about a minute later my sister ran outside and scooped me up in her arms. Time really is a funny thing. It was so very nice to see her. I asked her where mom and dad were and she said they were at the other garden. We jumped in the car in hopes of intercepting them.

On our way there they passed us heading home – they didn’t even notice my car as it passed – the one they had followed across the U.S. for the past 5 months. So, we turned around and made our way back. I pulled in blasting some Creedance Clearwater. My parents were unloading flowers and veggies as I jumped out of the car wearing my big moustache. “What’s on your face?” was the first thing my mother uttered from her lips. “My stash” I said knowingly. It was so good to see them. I gave them all big hugs and they told me it was good to have me back. I told them it felt nice to be back. Steph helped me unload some stuff out of the car and we brought it up to my old room. What a strange feeling it was to be back in such a familiar place. The next day I’d be heading to Cummaquid for lunch with my Jean and would be returning to the studio to see another favorite person in my life, Ms. Sarah Jane. Ahhh, fall is the season of change and I couldn’t wait to absorb it all….

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