Run. Stay. Go. Leave. BE

We rose early in the morning, packed up and headed towards Niagara. We parked on the street (it was like a ghost town) and waltzed down to the falls with our stashes on. We got some funny looks early in the morning as we took our contemplative photos by the falls. But when you’re as cool as Ted & Danta those looks don’t cause you to bat an eyelid. After our photo op we made our way back to the car through the dewy morning. When we reached the car we decided we were hungry but not enough to stop and eat in Niagara so we split and headed for the infamous I 90E – I knew this road well. The fall New England landscape began to appear as we made our way through NY. Changing leaves, old oaks and rolling hills – we were getting close to “home.” We got off the highway and stopped in a local coffee shop for some really tasty coffee (Danne got some tea naturally) and some pretty satisfying NY style bagels. We sat for a little while and chatted – enjoying each other’s company.

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It’s funny when you spend so much time with someone how attached and in sync you become (or it can work the other way too depending on the two people coming together). We would go to sleep together, greet the new day together, eat all our meals together etc etc.. everything was brought to light with a “together.” I couldn’t imagine my life without Danne now. She had become one of my closest friends – we had an awareness and an understanding. We shared a feeling which gave us a spark – a connection – something you can’t find just anywhere. The Universe brought us together and out of everything I could ask for the Uni gave me something greater. It’s as simple as opening yourself to the possibilities and what will positively effect your life will make itself present. Like magnets or moths drawn to lamp light .. I feel warm, happy and on an enlightened path.

So, we left the coffee shop – our bellies and hearts warmer and fuller and made our way across NY state. The foliage was beautiful. It felt really nice to be back this time of the year – the trees were starting to turn, the sun was lower in the sky and you could almost taste the chill in the air that was about to come. Then we entered Massachusetts. I began to take notice of all the license plates – no longer the exotic assortment of colors, shapes and sizes but a mirror reflection of where I was from – no longer someone easily noticed from being a long way from home but a person who at first glance blended in with the crowd. But I had come a long way. I saw my home in a new light. No longer weighed down by the gravity of feeling, cultural problems, lifestyles and uncertainty – I felt at peace with this place. At first I didn’t know how I was going to feel but I have to say that driving down that familiar road that I felt calm and could see the beauty and richness in this place just as I had seen in all the other states I had been in for the first time. The sky was bluer, the land was richer and the energy was a lot more clearer than I remember…

It had been almost 5 months since I had been home. I worried for an instant that being home might send my heart and mind into an old frame of mind – almost as if nothing had changed. I was about to find out that not much would have changed at the old homestead but I had…

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