Farming Update

Let’s just say that life on the farm has been awesome since day one. Everyone has been super welcoming and it was easy to transition from being the new guy to being one of the family here. A few people have said that I’ve brought everyone together which is a really great thing to hear – makes me feel good about things. All the other apprentices are down to earth, funny and have a good thing going – no extremes just a lot of balance which is cool cause honestly you never know who you might meet on a farm in the middle of the pacific!

Since Julia and Amelia left at the end of January I have definitely taken on a stronger leadership position at the farm. Ken likes to call me the ‘boss’ but I just like to get stuff done and enjoy myself while doing it. I love farming. I feel so successful at the end of the day with wet, muddy clothes and fingers. It’s been great too because I’ve been waking up at 5 every morning – giving myself a few hours before we get to work at 7 – I make myself a green smoothie and write for as long as I can before the sun comes up. There is something terribly romantic about waking up when the moon and stars are still out.. it really is beautiful and something I could definitely never live without.

It’s easy to love it here too because all my hard work never goes unnoticed and I genuinely feel appreciated for it. It’s pretty amazing when you live, work and hang out with a group of people and how you truly get to know each person on different levels. So far the balance has been easy to attain… we have all found ways to go about our business, stay happy and smile.

Back in January I applied to a farm back east in Great Barrington called Farm Girl Farm which is run by this amazing woman who is also a filmmaker and was once the director of photography at the MFA Boston. She got involved with the slow food movement back east while she was making a documentary about it. I heard back from her and she seems pretty eager to have me there. Talk about a small world though… she emailed Ken (one of the farmer’s here) for a reference and turns out he recognized her name and realized that they worked together in the 90s in Vermont! It was completely random and awesome – made me clue in and pay a bit more attention to the opportunity given the small/big world odds.

It’d be an awesome opportunity there.. she even thinks I’d be great for the farm manager position. So, I gotta figure it out… if I stay in Hawaii I’ll need to figure out a way to save up some money but if I’m going back to the mainland it’ll be in April/May so I need to decide. I don’t feel a powerful sway to go back east but it would be a great opportunity…. I just love it so much here. There’s definitely a lot to think about but either way I know I will be happy and that is truly a powerful feeling…

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