What a View..

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From June, 12th, 2010 – This is what I want to wake up to in the morning. The quiet, the still, the fog rolling in over the mountains into the valley, the birds, the rock to sit on and the green, lush land. Holy moly this is beautiful. If I had this scape and a faithful companion by my side I know I could call this home…

I want a homestead. A place nestled in the hills with a view. I want to build the structure that I will live in someday. There’s so much I want to learn and I know it’s all possible. I just made myself a berry smoothie and a pot of hot coffee for my farm-girls… Viv and I met at Val’s last night to make some homemade pizza. No one was home. We had just came from Allium – a local hot spot for the refined GBer’s where Viv bought me a crispy, citrus summer ale.. yum. We got some “1/2 hour” dough from the co-op and made the sauce at Val’s. A broccoli/mushroom and an artichoke/spinach pizza – YUM! They came out so tasty. While they were cooking Viv and I did a self guided tour around the 3 story house (if you can imagine… a million bedrooms with double beds, 2 claw foot tubs, a few offices, a library and a screened in porch with a summer bed). The feeling that arose on the top floor left us feeling anxious and Viv grabbed my hand. We headed downstairs to eat and meet Val. The pizza was delicious and we were pooped.

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We all had to work the next morning so we called it a night. Viv and I found ourselves sharing a bed in the red room. We snuggled with Val for a brief moment and then hit the pillow(s) hard. I awoke the next morning early – just about 6am and headed to the kitchen to put on coffee and make fruit smoothies for everyone. I headed out to the “big rock” with Burt (their sweet, family dog) leading the way and sat there writing for a while. It was then that I wrote I wanted to wake up and do this every morning. That there wasn’t much else I could ask for or ever want than to sit outside with a hot mug and look out over the awakening World around me…

Fresh eggs ad greens were cooked up one the girls woke up. “Man, I wish you guys were here every morning… it’d be so much better,” said Val. It was in that moment I realized that I did miss living communally among my peers. It was something integral to my experience living in Hawaii and was missing from my time at FGF. They say its a lot to live, work, eat and be with all the same people but I say it’s a pretty beautiful thing when you are all there with the highest spirits, working together to sustain, protect, live, laugh and love with one another. Tribes.. they have existed as our oldest forms of civilization – sure it’s not always easy but it makes that much more impact because you are a unit who genuinely respects, cares and provides for one another… an experience that makes you feel more selfless by the minute..

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