Gone Crabbin’

One morning this September my Dad and I set out to go blue crabbin’. It was too windy to go out on the boat and was too misty to sit up at the farm stand so my Dad said, “what the heck.. we work hard enough.. let’s go have some fun.” “Yeah, what the heck is right…” So, we headed down to South Beach in Popponesset in search of a little bit of fun…

When we got there it was pretty windy out on the shoreline, but that didn’t matter because we had our sights set on the Marshland. So, we trekked down the hill with rubber boots on our feet and a bucket and net in each of our hands. We caught a couple dozen blue crabs in between bursts of sunshine and intermittent drizzle that fell from the sky. Every now and again in the distance we could hear thunder but it was never close enough to make us quiver. We treaded lightly on the grassy path on either side of the salt water stream – keeping a look out for one another and playing quite the game of cat and mouse. The crisp colors of the marsh popped out against the gray clouds to the north and I felt like a little kid again… here I was roaming about in this quiet, magical land seeking the companionship of my very own dad, making me feel all the more blessed for knowing such a man who carries so many gifts and is able to share those gifts with me… even if it is just having a little bit of fun ❤

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