Harvest Fun

What’s a fall harvest with out pumpkin carving, hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks, fresh pumpkin bread and a starry filled night? When Rory was back on the Cape we scooped up the girls and brought them over to my house for a harvest of fun. They are both very creative young lasses and took on to designing their pumpkins in very different manners. Azora just free sketched right on the pumpkin and went for it right away. Ceili on the other hand wanted to draw a wolf so she used a stencil and dedicated herself with the utmost precision. Rory made his mom a Jack Skellington inspired pumpkin and I was inspired by the stem off another rotting pumpkin (which looked very much like a witch nose.. mole and everything) and I had Azora draw on her signature mouth and eyes. Even my Dad joined in the festivities and made a pumpkin out of leftover garden fare. We were a spooky bunch and at the end took a break for some hot apple cider and warm pumpkin bread. Mmm Mmm Mmm.

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One Response to Harvest Fun

  1. Jeanne D'arc says:

    Oh I just saw this legend from the Balkans and found it awesome!! But be careful, hope you throw your pumpkin away now or you’ll be surprised by vampires pumpkin……


    Or I read you can have different kind of vampires fruit if you keep them more than 3 years.

    Nice blog btw 😉

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