Snail Mail & Pen Pals

There is really nothing greater than receiving a pen pal package from a dear friend who’s far away, just down the road or across the state(s). Handwritten letters and thoughtful little knickknacks are the best!

I received a little pen pally package today from my dearest lady, Miss Jessie Lee in Austin, Texas. Who says you can’t feel someones love if they aren’t physically in your presence? When someone takes the time to write you with pen and paper each word is as warm and valuable as if it were coming right from their mouth. Following the crest and fall of the letters across the page, savoring every line, letting your eyes take their time, and attempting to make it last for as long as you can.. I am in it, I feel happy and I am loved. I believe that pen pals make the World go round especially since it’s hard to see everyone you love every time you want to see them. So, that being said, if you want to be pen pals let me know – I’ve been known to send a cookie or two across the country – and I assure you that you too will feel the thrill and pure joy of receiving a hand written note or card in the mail!

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