Want to go to the seaside?

I went on a really nice walk today with Phil down Craigville Beach all the way west to Dowses – about 25 minutes or so each way. I have to say it was a pretty perfect day (weather wise). The sun was shining brightly, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and I barely needed a sweater. Days like this in November are a dream – breathing that fresh salty air is always inspiring and motivating.

This week in general has been pretty motivating as a few things are moving their way up the pike, getting me ready for change (and I don’t just mean the weather but more on that later). A few nights ago I got together with Phil and Scott and finally learned how to play cribbage! We declared that Tuesday nights were for our cribbage games and I can’t wait for our next one. It made me want to play a really good game of chess… anyone?

Last night I was graced by the presence of two old friends – one in which I hadn’t seen in 8 years or so.. Matt Moore & the mystery man himself, Alex Carey. It was great seeing them both – they had me in stitches for hours. I had free tickets to go see the James Montgomery Blues Band at the Cotuit Center for the Arts so I brought them along. Siobhan and Alan were playing a few songs with the band so it was surely something to look forward to. The band played beautifully – playing their instruments in ways I had never heard them played (live) before. It was awesome. Of course we spent a good portion of the night watching the good folks of Cotuit dancing their cares away (some more than others) which was also amazing. Afterward, we took off for the Moore homestead and enjoyed each others company into the wee hours…

Taking that walk along the seaside today gave me a moment for reflection and I felt grateful for the beauty and solitude of this place and the great friends and family who brighten my days (even the coldest & gloomy of NE fall days). Sometimes life’s pleasures come in the simple form of board games on a cold night, some rhythm & blues to make the quietest of communities shake their worries out of their bones and the simple act of being nestled in at home while being warmed by shared thoughts, stares and laughs in the good company friends… now that’s something to smile about.

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