A Chance Reflection..

Sometimes it’s really good to get away – see new sights, meet new people and put your feet up.  This Fall Rory was home for a visit at the end of October – for his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and our friend’s wedding.   That being said, we knew that most of Rory’s time here would be spent with his very large (but amazing) family and friends.  So, considering the fact that we had only seen each other for about a week this whole year we decided to reserve some time for an adventure!  We made plans to head North – bound for Maine to explore the coastline and take in the fall foliage.  I had been to Maine before but never to the coast and I was pretty thrilled when we decided to just go for it.  Sometimes (even when money is short) you  just  have to go somewhere new to get a clearer perspective on life – a chance for reflection and in many ways it can be revitalizing and inspiring.

These days my mind is starting to think ahead – 5 years or so down the line and where I’d like to be – I thought Maine could be it – with its great farming community (MOFGA) & homesteaders,  cute coastal towns on the Atlantic Ocean, proximity to the Cape (my true home), the fresh local arts scene  and the conscious, progressive minds of the people who live there.  After giving myself to the land for the summer I was ready for some adventure time!  Our first stop was Portland of the east…

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