It’s All About the Pie..

Whenever I’ve traveled I’ve never been the one to stay in a quiet and quaint B&B – forever have I been the gal who’s gone camping with her family, friends and loved ones. Over seas it’s always been the ever charming hostel (ha ha.. some really haven’t been that bad). This time around, while planning our adventure to Maine we decided to go for it and stay at a B&B. It just happened to be a bonus that the winter rates were cheaper than any other time of the year. I’m excited to say that the first B&B that I stumbled upon was the Berry Manor Inn in Rockland.

Not only was the Berry Manor an elegant Victorian house located just a few blocks from the harbor-side it was also known for it’s homemade pie (which is one of my favorite things in the whole world)! The Berry Manor’s pantry is stocked everyday with homemade complimentary pie made by the owners mothers aka the “Pie Moms” (which is around 600 pies a year for their guests!) The Pie Moms have been making pie for 50 years and can supposedly whip up a pie in their sleep.. and after tasting them I believe it.. absolute perfection!

Our room was on the top floor – the smaller of their bedrooms but classically decorated and even had a fire place. The clawfoot tub was my favorite part of the room – I can’t wait to have my own house someday so I can have a clawfoot in the house and outside too!

The first night we arrived in Rockland we braved the rain and walked 5 or 6 blocks to Cafe Miranda recommended by Cheryl, the very wonderful owner of the Inn. It had a most excellent menu (the largest I’ve ever seen) of locally and seasonally harvested produce, ethnic dishes and all with a fresh, adventurous twist… not to mention very delicious and satisfying! It was still drizzling when we left the restaurant so we huddled under an umbrella and with a skip in our step made it back to the B&B. Tea & pie were certainly on our minds after returning damp and chilled. We swung open the kitchen door and lo and behold a most beautiful sight – four fresh, homemade pies – blueberry, raspberry, cherry & pecan… needless to say we were in pie heaven.

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