The Farmers and Their Daughters

More Chase’s Daily PLEASE! After visiting this gem of a place in Belfast I have to say there should be more restaurants and places in general like Chase’s Daily. This eatery is owned and operated by the Chase family (mom, dad & two daughters) who also own a 500 acre farm in nearby Freedom. Not only do they offer unique, delicious vegetarian cuisine but they grow all the fresh vegetables that make up the dishes on their farm.

The building itself is a beautiful plank-floored, tin-ceilinged warehouse space with local artwork hanging on the brick walls which are illuminated by the tall windows and out back is a retail market selling produce from the farm. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to look around the back side of the restaurant and saw all the beautiful, fresh produce.. made me wish I had a kitchen that night to cook in!

Talk about my dream place… I’d love to have my own little restaurant and bakery run by my close friends and fueled by the produce planted and harvested right at my home.. is anybody else with me…? How could you NOT!

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