Cheers & Locally Brewed Beers..

After our delicious lunch we spent the afternoon walking about the town, by the seaside and across the foot bridge to get a panoramic vista of Belfast from across the way. There the town was perched up on the hill as perfect as could be.

On our walk passed the wharf we stopped by the Three Tides which is ideally located right next to the Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. so they have dozens of delicious home brewed beer right on tap! Besides the beer selection I’d have to say the best part about the bar was the location right on the harbor and the outside fire pit amidst the rustic clutter. Sitting serenely by the waters edge was a nice way to round out our day in Belfast before we headed back to the Inn for the night. So, cheers to you Belfast..’tis the little things after all.

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