A Year from Today..

It’s funny how a year ago from today I was packing my bag and getting ready for my adventures in Hawaii. This year (on the same day) I am actually packing my bags for Austin, Texas with a one way ticket to the Pacific Northwest later in the month. Under the same circumstances as when I went to Hawaii, via the one way ticket, comes the uncertainty (and in my opinion the beauty) of what’s next down the line. Instead you are presented with living in the present – what is happening right now – which is kind of where I’m at or have been at especially these past few years.

Although Austin is no Hawaii, my partner in crime from Keala’ola will be there to welcome me to the South with her big baby blues and contagious smile – the one and only – Miss Jessie Lee. With promises of delicious food, southern culture, music a plenty, two steppin’ and some of the friendliest people around.. Austin is sounding pretty awesome to me (but really I’d be happy to see Jess no matter where she lived – she just happens to be in a very young and happenin’ city). I have to be honest though and admit that I’m a little nervous about going two steppin’ right off the plane but I know it’ll be good for me.. I do spend a lot of time by myself so it’ll be inspiring to meet new people, to live a little outside my comfort zone, to laugh at myself and step on a few cowboys toes.

So here I go… two weeks in Austin then it’s off to Portland for the Holidays! I’m really looking forward to the winter – a time to write and record more music, experiment more with my baking and cooking, to write letters to my pen pals, to meet new people and to generally put myself out there more. I’m not really sure what’s next but that’s what keeps me inspired.. when I feel that twinge of anxiety right before starting any new adventure I know that I’m making a positive choice for myself because with any change comes growth, inspiration and understanding. I promise to keep the adventures going and will have plenty of photos to share in the coming weeks! Here’s to a change in scenery but the comfort of those who know you best.. see you all soon!

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One Response to A Year from Today..

  1. Sara says:

    Lovely, lovely ladies. Two sets of two-steppin’ legs.

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