Barton Springs or Bust!

Barton Springs is one of the places I knew very well before even going there because Jess spoke often of it being one of her very favorite places in Austin. It’s a sanctuary in the midst of an urban landscape especially in the extremely hot and humid temperatures in the summer months.

It’s located within Zilker Park (which is 350+ acres) and the pool itself is 3 acres in size which seems like plenty of room in the cooler winter months but in the summer I imagine the hills are alive with sun kissed bodies. The unique part about Barton Springs is that it’s fed from under ground springs and on average is 68 degrees year round. So, there was no hesitation within me when a few 75 degree days came my way.. I decided a swim in December sounded like a great idea. It was a great sunny bike ride away and I was joined by Jess’ fabulous roommates – Paige & Ash. To be in a sun dress and swimming in the winter surely was quite the treat.

The bottom of the pool was covered in deep emerald greens and flecks of golden yellow from the freshly fallen leaves and the crispy cerulean blue water was ever inviting and illuminated by the sunshine. The water was cool and refreshing and reminded me of my summer days in the Berkshires.. swimming in the Green River. It was awesome. Ash even had a friend stop by where they practiced a bit of acro yoga which kept me entertained for a long while.

Paige and I managed to make it back there another time before I left. Stopping at the Daily Juice for a mid-morning pick me up – they had so many delicious options it was hard to choose. But I treated myself to the most I’ve ever spent on a green smoothie ($8!!) but figured it was worth the experience.. after all it’s like a meal in liquid form! My only regret is that Jess never made it to the Springs with me for a swim. Both Saturdays it was sunny and deliciously warm she was busy working for the man at Whole Foods. But I imagine we will make it back there together one day.. arm in arm, with a picnic basket full of tasty treats and the familiar smell of sun block on our summer bodies. Mmmm.. ain’t life grand?

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