Ohh, Austin..

I’m finding it hard to write or begin writing about the whirlwind two weeks I just had in Austin, Texas. But to put it simply, had I not already bought my ticket to the Pacific Northwest I would have stayed down south.

What a lively town it was… where the sun was always shining and the people always genuine and kind. I fell in love with Austin and it has everything to do with Miss Jessie Lee. This lady-o-mine welcomed me to Texas with the warmest greeting and kept me warm throughout the rest of my stay. The happiest yelp was released from her body upon seeing me in front of her at the airport. C’est incroyable. It was as if those seven months were a blink of an eye and we were right back where we left off in Hawaii. Gosh, I love that lady… each day was filled with such simple bliss – bike rides down the city streets, swims at Barton Springs, dancing in the evening hours, house shows to keep up warm on chillier nights, an all night meteor shower spotting and enough food trailer goodness, potlucks and homemade baked goods to keep ones spirit happy and free. But above all that stimulating goodness m favorite part of Austin is all the wonderfully perfect people I met. All welcoming me with open arms just as Jess had done..

From the first hour of arriving I was treated as an old friend. A friend of Jess’ (the lovely Bethany) came over to drop off her custom made bike aka Leila for me to use during my stay in Austin. Not only was that an incredible gesture but Leila was a babe of a bike to ride I could not imagine my experience there without her.

Because of all the wonderful folks I met I genuinely felt for one of the first times visiting a place that I’d like to stay for a while. It was easy to feel connected and a part of something there. It was really inspiring.. which is funny too because most of the time I am completely inspired by nature (the woods, the ocean etc etc) and thrive on that alone but Austin is a completely different beast.. It is dry and sunny with not much greenery and definitely no ocean in sight.. and not once did I ever think, “oh I couldn’t live here without those things.” I felt sustained by the liveliness of the people around me. It has inspired me even more to carry that spirit wherever I go. To smile and laugh and put myself out there because there’s isn’t much to lose and you never know who you might meet or fall in love with.. the possibilities are endless and freeing. On my bike I felt at one with Austin and myself and that’s saying a lot. I find myself saying more than ever that the people truly do make the place.. and singularly we have our roll in that just as much as everyone else.

(and with saying that let’s get to some of the good stuff that Austin had to offer me this time around…)

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