Hope Farmers Market

In good fellow farmer fashion Jess brought me to her local market on the east side, the Hope Farmers Market. It’s held at the Pine Street Station – with art and jewelry inside and produce, food vendors etc on the outside. It was a quaint little market with just a few farmer’s selling but the decor (both inside and out) was definitely aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. With vibrant paintings on the walls, swings made of tires and a rusty metal fence covered in vines it had my senses going (and I hadn’t even tasted the produce yet).

We stopped and made friends with Ty Wolosin from Windy Hill Organics just a few hours north in Comanche County. The farm was originally started by his parents as a ranching business consisting of a small herd of grass fed beef, goats and free range/cage free chickens for eggs. A few years ago when Ty returned home from college he overhauled their underused 5,000+ square foot garden and started their organic veggie farm component. Since beginning he has double dug the garden twice (an amazing feat!) with hopes to expand it in the coming years. After chatting for a while we happily bought some collards and a seminole pumpkin (a heirloom pumpkin dating back to the 1500’s which was harvested from the woods by Native Americans!). Ty was gracious enough to throw in a bag of mixed hearty greens (bok choy and a few other asian greens) which we enjoyed thoroughly throughout the week.

We also had the pleasure of visiting with Jess’ friend Jeremy of Johnson’s Backyard Garden , a 70-acre organic Community Supported farm only five miles east of downtown Austin. They also had some lovely produce and pretty delicious tender turnips that we ended up going home with as well.

We walked on over to Progress, a place for food, beverage, art and music. A contemporary design on the inside mixed with the most delicious and fresh ingredients to satisfy your every hungry desire. Although I have foregone coffee for the past year (I can probably count the number of cups I’ve had on my two hands) their fair trade, organic, custom roasted coffee smelled delicious! Jess and I surely filled our bellies and warmed up our bodies before taking off to visit her dear friend, Blaine.. (and I have to say I returned there once more before my departure of the south..)

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