That Christmas Feeling..

It’s true that it’s hard to feel like it’s the holiday season when you’re riding your bike around in sunny 70 degree weather in December. It reminded me of how I felt dining under the stars wearing a sun dress last Christmas in Hawaii. For me, the winter weather has just about everything to do with that holiday feeling..

So, every night when Jess and I were biking home we were pleasantly reminded and even filled with a bit of holiday cheer when we turned down a little residential street where years of tradition and Christmas lights combine their power to make holiday magic.

The street has been putting on their home light show for a decade. Strings of lights connecting the houses catch your eye and heightens the sense of unity on this street. Jess got to talking with one of the homeowners who said his dear old mom lived across the street from him and that they switch their lawn ornamentation every year. People from all over town come through to check out this row of houses – even the social bike ride makes it out there for the weeks leading up to the holidays. And why wouldn’t you with Santa’s elves and reindeer, snowmen, candy cane lane, a merry go round and even a small skating rink. There were even holiday tunes playing (yes, it was 11:00 at night) and all that was missing was piping hot cocoa and freshly fallen snow..

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