The Cutest Infestation Ever..

My apartment is infested with Lady Bugs… it is the cutest infestation ever… Mitch Hedburg anyone?

But seriously there is a lady bug infestation going on in my room, which is pretty awesome considering it could easily be bed bugs or cockroaches or the like. I noticed them one night while we were playing some music. I looked up at the light and saw a few dozen small bugs in shadow and when I unscrewed the glass I found that they were sweet, spotted lady bugs (and some were actually pretty dusty). Afterward, I noticed a few flying around by the windowsill and looked beneath the curtain to find a few dozen more all congregating together perhaps to keep warm.

I like them. There spots make me smile. I wake up with them on my pillow and at my feet and some even get cozy in my hair. Usually, once the lights are off at night I find amusement in hearing them take off like mini helicopters and in mid flight dive bomb wholeheartedly into the wall, the bed or sometimes the side of my head. It sounds painfully hollow but they most always recover. My only question is how? How did these lady bugs find there way in and why do they want to stay inside? Aren’t you hungry little lady bugs.. don’t you want to go out to play? I’m hoping that lady bugs living in your place of existence is a good sign like finding them in your garden (they sure do like to keep all those pesky aphids away). Perhaps they are just in good company and awaiting the happy days of spring like their human companions.. either way I’m fine with it as they remind me of warm winter days in the lettuce beds of Keala’ola and of sweet, summer days back home…

Oh, and here’s that Mitch Hedburg clip…

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2 Responses to The Cutest Infestation Ever..

  1. ParParPowers says:

    LOVE this!
    Some of my favorite photos yet… And looking through the “lens.” (You know what I mean 😉

  2. Stevers says:

    I love this! IT IS cute ❤

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