Feel the Par Par Powers..

When I was living in the Berkshires last year I met a wonderful lass at Farm Girl Farm. I was an apprentice and she was a work share member and eventually our paths crossed when Sara suggested we go for a swim in the river sometime. Turns out the part of the green river my little house was on was also the homestead of her clowning teacher and music mentor, Laura Geilen. We were meant to be true friends all along and when we finally got together the stars aligned and a rush of magic and endless possibilities started to happen. I think I am most impressed by Sara’s ability to make things happen, her motivation to practice her skills and to overall be a happy, creative and magical person. Her energy is magnetic and inspiring and the list of wondrous qualities of her goes on and on…

Obviously, there are many things about Sara that impress me.. the delicious and beautiful baked goods she creates, the photographs she takes and the music that she makes are all things I am consistently amazed by. Even with all those things I am most impressed by her gift of sewing, knitting, crocheting and her amazing eye for aesthetics and colors. She went to school for Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and practices her gifts each day. Whether it be making a dress for an upcoming performance, crocheting playful animal spirit inspired hats or giving an old lambswool sweater a new life Ms. Par Par sure does have a way with fabric which is best described as whimsical, classy and true.

Everything about Sara makes sense and she gives me new inspiration each day. I am so happy to have her in my life and wanted to share a piece of her creations here on my blog. You can also visit a few different pages to keep up with Ms. Par Par or even order a custom made piece from her.

Her Blog, Life, Art and Plenty of Cake

Facebook Page,Sara Parrilli ~ Clothing, Cakes & Designs

Etsy Site, Sara Parrilli Designs

One day I will have a closet full of Parrilli originals.. both for farming and for fun. But until then I will share with the World what she does and spread that inspirational energy that she shares with me everyday. And with that being said let’s make leg warmers!


We all have a closet full of sweaters don’t we?  (especially those of us in the NE)   They are perhaps the hardest article of clothing to get rid of because even if we don’t wear them now we think that maybe someday we will wear them later.. and we all know that sometimes we don’t. So for those of us with sweaters we still like but want to give a new life, now is the time. Cashmere, lambswool and Shetland sweaters all work for this purpose.

Make sure the sweater is not too heavy. Also, try putting your calf through the sleeve to make sure it fits before you begin. You will also need a darting needle, yarn, a pair of fabric scissors, some fun and inspiration. (p.s. Sara SPUN that yarn herself.. yeah… amazing!)

You will be cutting the sweater in a “cap sleeve shape” such as this…

Which will give the leg warmer a nice shape (a little shorter in the back and will cap/drape over the front of your shoe – Sara swears by her clogs)

Try on your leg warmers to make sure the shape is agreeable (trying it on with your favorite pair of shoes might be helpful as well). If it works or you need to make a few adjustments trim away. Once it fits nicely to where you want it you can thread your darting needle (if you haven’t already). You will be doing the “Blanket Stitch” around the bottom of the leg warmer – which you can reference here.

It’s important that you don’t make stitches too tight because your wool will shrink a little bit when washed. So it’s important to create a nice soft edge. If it’s too tight it will give it a bunched effect.

Once you have finished going around the bottom it is time for embellishing the cute or beautiful little designs (depending on lady in your life <wink, wink>) onto your sassy new leg warmers. Sara recommends using french knots for this step!

Et Voila!

Cute, new, sassy mo frassy leg warmers that will keep those calves toasty and people wondering, “where’d you get THOSE leg warmers?”

“Why I made them MYSELF..” No big deal 😉

**Not only did Sara make these fine leg warmers pictured in under an hour but she also re-designed, cut and embellished that sweater she is wearing while we were chatting yesterday. If you’re feeling adventuresome after leg warmer success, you can apply the same techniques for making leg warmers as to redesigning that old sweater with the newly cut capped sleeves.

***And that extra cute raccoon hat that is sitting upon her head (with movable eye mask).. YEAH, she made that too! No big deal.  Check her out!   Love you ParPar!

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1 Response to Feel the Par Par Powers..

  1. “The stars aligned and a rush of magic and endless possibilities started to happen.”

    Every day I can’t even imagine how lucky I am to have met you.

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