Around the House..

We’ve had some pretty lovely weather here the past week with highs in the 50’s and lots of glorious sunshine.  It reminds me of home in the Spring and Fall and I’m happy that amidst the drizzly, gray winter days that Portland is known for that we’ve been getting days like that!

It has been inspiring to go outside, take a walk to the park and enjoy what the day has to offer.  The weather truly has an effect on our state of being and although I could go for a nice snowy winter day I’m happy that I don’t have to wear a snow suit.  Spending a whole winter in Hawaii definitely made me a softy – some nights I even find myself walking around in two sweatshirts in a 60+ degree house.  Ahh, well I’ll take what I can get and the inspiration that comes along with it…

Here are a few shots from around the house…

The book I’m currently reading.. love that Tom Robbins..

Ohh, our honey bees… the sun sure has made them bustle about..

with purpose in their flight..

and pollen on their legs..

Magical windows in the mud/sun room..

Check out that sky over the neighbors house..

I kinda want to live in Levi & Janan’s stream liner…

with just enough room for me…

and maybe even a dog… 🙂

Delicious baby kale growing out front..

Our Street.. who wants to go for a walk?

There she is.. #2905..

A different kind of view..

Leave your muddy boots at the door please…

A basket of delicious fruits & veggies and the Portland Mercury..

The dining room that is slowly being taken over by crafts and other fun things..

The place where I rest my head..

The best homemade bookshelf..

Dusting off the ol’ tap shoes & rediscovering an old love…

Old thoughts and memories..

Tiny and not so tiny treasures..

Our newest handmade figurine found at House of Vintage.. he still needs a name..

There is now an empty room in our house.. who’s coming for a visit?

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One Response to Around the House..

  1. OK, this is seriously torture… mmm…..
    Who wants to go for a walk?

    And all the windows to your world…

    (You mean, “the place where you…” chat with Sara… 😉

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