Pieces of Hawaii..

Ohh, Hawaii.. has it been so long since we last met?  Every time I write to friends there I catch myself taking a deep, meditative breath.  I can’t help but smile and relax when I think about my experience there..  and its pull is undeniable.

Some days I just sit back and remember basking in the warm sunshine every day of last Winter and Spring.  Working our half days and then taking a nap or practicing guitar in my airy tent.  Taking my daily walk down the path of coffee trees under the canopy of stars arm in arm with Jess each night.   The smell and the feel of waking up in the mornings while the moon and stars were still out – looking out over the ocean and feeling the stillness of everything at that time of hour.  Hearing the tree of birds behind the tents go off at 6:15 am every morning like the most gigantic alarm clock you’ve ever heard (which happened to coincide with the Kava sprinkler system.. if one didn’t wake you the other one did).  Ohhh and picking fresh fruits and veggies everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Taking outdoor showers amongst the skinks & chameleons.  Driving the quad around the farm and harvesting lettuce in laundry baskets.  Diving into crystal clear blue waters and seeing dozens upon dozens of beautiful sunsets.  Man, so much goodness and these are just a few of my favorite things…living there never really got old… I’m sure you can wonder why..

I carry my time on the Big Island with me everyday.. which is why I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my journey from there.  I realized I never did share the film I took while I was out there (mainly because it took me a while to scan them all in) so, what better time than now.. perhaps it will keep us that much warmer in these colder, winter months…

These shots were taken from my first few week in Hawaii on the Hilo side with my friend Chelsea’s very gracious family. Oh, Puna.. where hitching hiking is a genuine mode of travel, you must always wear shoes at the beach (the beaches are formed out of very sharp lava rock), where the end of the road leads to sparkling lava pools for unbelievable snorkeling, a lava tree forest calls for a damp and dreamy adventures and where many a wild pig roam freely about in the Mac nut orchards… (that is until they are hunted down)..

Gosh and all the fresh, ripe, juicy fruit and beautiful sunrises every morning. <sigh> Everybody lives pretty freely there.  In Puna, there are many farms, communes and rustic retreat/spa places that attract people from all over the World to live and experience the Big Island. The people live pretty simply and the town itself was very small with just one local co-op and just a few other local stores. Spending time in good company in Puna was a really nice way to ease into my new adventure in Hawaii… Enjoy ❤

Marc & Oshi’s house..

papayas and the surrounding jungle..

view from the banana grove..

lovely lava pools…

so clear you could see all the way to the bottom..

lava tree forest… where a lava flow came through and left fossilized trees that still stand..

Ever wonder where Juicy Fruit gum got their inspiration?  Jack fruit would be it!

oh good morning december sun..

The pig Marc trapped in his Mac nut orchard.. they’re quite destructive little buggers.. but then again so are we..

Searching for the group of pigs that were living in the “puka” (i.e.big hole or lava crater)..

The group of pigs were found and they ended up keeping them down there (there was no way they were getting the out anyway.. so they fed them every day and slaughtered them as the year went on for traditional occasions)..

a moment of silence..

African Albizia trees that are taking over and some native Hawaiian plants..

A simple but lovely Christmas parade..

Hello, ocean (a view from their front porch)..

Cane Spiders love chillin’ in banana groves..

The adorable “banana cabana” that Marc and Oshi built.. love it!

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1 Response to Pieces of Hawaii..

  1. Amanda says:

    More please! The cold weather here in Chicago makes these pictures look even MORE incredible.

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