A Little Bit of Sweetness..

Today I found a little bit of sweetness when the mail carrier came this morning. “A package for me?!,” I thought, “what a perfect way to start my day.”

Enclosed in my package I found a few very wonderful treasures.. a lovely card with a sweet note inside, a rainbow spoon, some vanilla hand lotion, a TJ gift card, a delish gazpacho recipe, a few new hand towels and the most special of all.. two homemade vintage aprons. They couldn’t be more different from each other which is why I adore them so much! I absolutely love each of them and can’t wait to try them out in the kitchen. I know these aprons will be around for the rest of my years…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. receiving a gift or a letter from someone in the mail is one of the best feelings in the World. Receiving this package not only made my day but inspired me to keep it up with my gift giving and pen-palling. So, thank you Lorraine for this very sweet surprise & the bit of inspiration I needed to start my weekend off right!  

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