Remember it.

You ever receive a message at the perfect time?

Last night was a pretty late night for Rory and I as we waited into the wee hours for Holly Golightly & The Broke Offs to grace the stage at the Slabtown Bender (which were totally worth the wait by the way). After the music as we headed for the door, my tired dancin’ feet and sleepy eyes were greeted by a pretty steady down pour and all I could do was take a deep breath as I prepared for the late night bike ride home…

We arrived home pretty drenched, chilly and tired. Today, my body is definitely reacting to the cold wetness in spouts of tiredness and cold like symptoms. My mind is also a little worn as I have a working farm interview tomorrow so I’ve been trying to rest up in hopes that I bring my A game.

Around the middle of the day I felt like I couldn’t shake it and then, randomly, I received this message from a friend, on my phone,

“I should have just told her that you were every farmers dream.. :)”

To which I sassily replied, “On the field or off the field..?”

“The whole deal. You are amazing. Remember it.”

Remember it. Some people just have impeccable timing… but I have to say in that very moment it’s exactly what I needed to hear. When you’re feeling ‘under the weather’ it’s easy to not feel psyched about stuff but that message reminded me that we despite negative energy or sickness that might be around us we must remember ‘it’ – our individual greatness. It also reminded me, once again, of the importance of when you’re thinking of someone or something to just let them know in that moment.. you never know just how big of an impact it might have on them…

So, I might not feel 100 percent right now but those few words put a smile on my face and gave me a moments reflection on the importance of what I’m doing and the life I’m living.. that above all we must always, always ‘remember it’ and that in itself is one of the most beautiful things we can do for ourselves.. so wait no longer dear friends.. take a moment before you rest your head and remember ‘it’ (and never forget it).

In a burst of light and energy.. here’s a little ditty I recorded by The Dutchess & The Duke this afternoon..

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