The Duke of Pook-a-Took..

Today I’m thinking about my dear friend, Luke Huskey.  But it’s different than every other day because today is his birthday.  Luke & I met on the farm in Hawaii and even though we find ourselves in new states we still remain close.  He’s one of the sweetest souls I know with passion for what he loves and the motivation to pursue it.  He’s an active animal lover (and vegan) and works for Farm Sanctuary in Chico, CA.

Luke is such an inspiration.  From his glorious salad making abilities & vegan cooking magic to his undying energy & love for farming and his goals of one day owning his own farm.. he constantly makes me proud to know him.  He is also the most excellent banana harvester I’ve ever met (and taught me everything I know..)

Last year, on his birthday I tried my first ever attempt at making my own vegan chocolate cupcakes (made with avocado) and of course, some extra creamy avo-chocolate frosting.  They came out awesome and Luke’s smile lit up the room (he went in for seconds and thirds on the frosting).  Jess and I also bought him an original one piece red union suit/long johns (every farmers dream) and she even made him an extra sweet homemade utilitarian apron.  (Gosh, I love my little hawaiian farm-ily..)

The pictures I posted are from an adventure we took on the afternoon that the tsunami was supposed to hit (and never did, thankfully).  Ken graciously let us borrow his car and we headed for the mountains.  He told Luke of this ranch at the end of the road where we’d find some peace and quiet and terrific views.  We had just started reading the Hobbit and this place couldn’t have been a better compliment to the World of Tolkien.  We packed snacks and went exploring.  It was misty and even a little bit cool.  There were gnarled trees, wild flowers, old farming equipment and fence posts and cattle roaming freely about.  We sat on a fallen tree and enjoyed the view (and I wondered to myself how many different feeling places there could be on one island…)

On our way back down, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the full moon rising up over the mountain that we had been on.  “Stop.. we have to go back!”  Luke quickly turned the car around and we found ourselves staring at the giant, luminous moon.  I jumped out of the car and ran up a big hill.   Luke joined me and we just stood there admiring the view.  Just seeing this image puts me right back to that day… it was so beautiful.

So, Happy Birthday (¡feliz cumpleaños!) Luke!  Although I can’t be there to make you some lovely homemade vegan cupcakes just know that I am thinking of you and that my Hawaiian adventures wouldn’t have been the same with out you.. until we meet again my dear, dear friend…

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