My Hot Pants… for all to see..

Every day is Valentine’s day when you have love…. this thought rings true today as I received the most wonderful package in the mail from my east coast valentine, Ms. Sara Parrilli.  I knew it was coming but I didn’t expect it to come so soon (the USPS has been failing me quite often this winter).  So, I was completely excited and surprised when I noticed someone had brought in the mail and there it was, just for me, a package put together with love and sweetness.

I already knew half the contents of the package, since I watched her make them a month or so back, but only had my suspicions about the other half (and I was RIGHT).  As you know, from several of my other blog posts about my dear friend, she is an amazingly crafty and gifted young lady.  If I could afford to have a closet full of Parrilli originals I certainly would but in the mean time I’ll take all the love and creativity that comes my way in sweet little packages…

As for the other half, y’all are going to be quite jealous (but don’t worry I think Ms. Par Par might have some of these for sale sooner than later)…. she made me the sweetest and most glorious vintage pair of hot pants that I ever did see (I’ve been calling them my Sass Pants). I have had the privilege (more than once) of seeing Ms. Par Par herself in a delightfully perfect pair of self made hot pants with different colored roosters on them… and I have been wanting a pair ever since. So, what does she go and do… surprise me (as well as she could) and make me my own pair. The only problem with this is that I a. would like a pair for each day of the week and b. enjoy wearing them around the house all day with tights underneath them (they are just too unbearably cute and comfortable not to). I know you all want a pair now so put Ms. Par Par in high demand and ‘like’ her clothing design page on facebook… encourage this designing babe to settle down and really do this thing!

And yes, I really am about to post a few pictures of me in my new hot pants because they make me feel that great! They certainly bring out the sass in me, so, I’m just going with it..  And as much as I’d like to dance down the street wearing this and only this I will most likely be keeping these ‘under wraps’ and for special occasions only (like when Par Par & I finally get our girl band together and start playing gigs)…

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