A Snowy Day…

I can’t believe it… my FIRST snow day of the winter here in Portland.  Well, if you can really call it a snow day.  I awoke early this morning to see snowflakes falling on my windowsill and an inch or less of wet snow on the ground.  By the time I made my way downstairs to make some breakfast the sun had melted most of it away.  Since then it has been snowing off and on with bits of sunshine in between.  And here I actually thought I might go another winter with out seeing a drop of that white stuff.  It makes me happy and warm though with thoughts of my family and friends back home which is always a nice pleasant way to start your day…

I had to go out to run some errands and found myself getting on my bike just as a little squall was passing through (my timing is impeccable.. yesterday it was droplets of rain).  By the time I reached my destination there were tiny balls of snow coming down, a million by the second.  Each flake that hit the metal roof of the building sang out and as I looked up I watched them dance across the sky.  I hopped back on my bike and recklessly made my way back home.  I laughed every time I skidded out at the thought of it being quite foolish that I was riding my bike in such EXTREME weather conditions (see picture below.. ohh, portland you make me laugh..)

I actually hope it accumulates to something today.  They’re predicting temperatures as low as the 20’s tonight (that’s the coldest it’s been since I arrived in December).  I’ll embrace it though because it looks like we’ll be back to the same ol’ 50 degree days next week.. after all it all feels nice for a change…


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