The Cleanse…

Today is a new day.

A day in which I can slowly begin to eat what ever I want to eat!

I have to be honest… the last few days have been pretty rough.  Over the weekend I decided to do a liver cleanse which I’d follow up with a gallbladder cleanse (and, thankfully, Rory was on board too).  I wanted to target where a sudden lack of energy was coming from… was it winter blues, spring fever, or something else going on within my body?  So, after reading about all the toxins that build up in our livers and how the liver plays such a major role in the overall health of each of our bodies, I decided to go for it.  I knew it would be tough going into it but I didn’t realize how tough it would actually be.

Generally, I eat pretty healthily with most of my daily food intake being vegetables followed by fruits, nuts and grains but, mostly, it’s vegetables.  I eat yogurt three times a week but other than that I’ve let go of cheese, butter and other dairy products (I can thank Hawaii for that… where dairy was just too expensive to buy).  I don’t eat much bread and I certainly don’t buy any processed foods except for local corn chips (I just can’t help myself).  I drink a cup of coffee to accompany my Sunday brunch but other than that it’s tea for me and I only really find myself crackin’ a few fine local brews on the weekends.  So, you’d think that eating a green smoothie for breakfast and lunch and some vegetable broth with some veggies for dinner wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.. but it was.

I found myself constantly thinking about food.  The second day was actually easier for me than the first.  The first day I had these cravings for things I didn’t even eat in my everyday diet.  I filled the void with water, tea, and more tea.  I tried to keep myself busy and productive before thoughts of food would creep in but I felt fuzzy.  When the sun started to go down my natural instinct to start planning a delicious meal had to be suppressed for it was just a  few chopped up vegetables and broth that would be filling my tummy for the evening.  All I could think about was getting ready for bed and hitting the hay early because I didn’t have the energy to go out, or do something creative.  Luckily, I made it through my first lindy hop class on Monday but I was definitely feeling the drag towards the end of the class.  Even my sleep schedule was off.. I found myself in a restless sleep where I woke up several times in the night and normally I sleep the whole night through.

It’s interesting, you know, how much food impacts our daily lives (especially in the winter when the weather affects so much of our spirits and energy).  If nothing else it’s the one thing that I look forward to doing every day so without it I felt a little lost in the fuzz (or it could have been from delirium from eating like 1/4 of the calories I normally  eat).  It didn’t help that the rain and gloom started on Monday either… it was hard to motivate yourself to even get outside.  The second day I did feel lighter but I still felt a lack of energy and undeniable hunger pangs.  So, after a long walk yesterday, Rory and I decided to put a hold on our gallbladder cleanse and to eat, because, well, we were hungry (borderline starving.. ha ha).  Poor Rory was hungrier than I was and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in such a state.  I baked up some sweet potatoes and garlic, roasted some brussel sprouts, and made up two very fresh and crispy mixed green salads with homemade tahini dressing.  We felt like Kings even though it was such a simple meal and it tasted awesome.  I couldn’t even eat it all but it felt good to CHEW some delicious and simple food (Rory even hit some Siobhan styled high notes while singing after our meal… ha ha).

I’m not saying all this to dissuade anyone from trying a liver cleanse or any other kind of cleanse for that matter but it definitely brought back my initial feelings of the whole cleansing process in the first place.  I believe a fast or a cleanse is potentially good for our systems, especially in our culture where chemically processed foods, medications, sugar and caffeine rule our daily lives.  It’s important to give our bodies a break from certain hard to digest toxic foods and an overall cleanse of the system but I feel like it can also be pretty extreme (if you have a regular healthily diet anyway).  It reminded me of why I choose to eat the way I do in the first place, besides it being tasty and fulfilling to my body, it is also the least toxic and harmful to my physical and mental state.

Most days, I greet the day with a positive attitude and a healthy energy and I believe it has everything to do with my lifestyle and how I’m eating.  The act of preparing the foods and putting it all together is also a fulfilling sensation especially when you sit down to eat it.  Without it food lost it’s luster.. I actually lost my appetite even if it was just green smoothies and broth.. water was starting to call my name.  The next two days would require a diet of drinking 2 cups of apple juice every two hours for 12 hours and nothing else (in order to pass some gallstones).  I didn’t know if I’d make it through and so, a choice was to be made and with that choice clarity came.  And as soon as I decided to stop with the cleanse I felt better.  Being in touch with your body and it’s needs are everything and doing this cleanse reassured this more than ever and I have to say that taking the effort to go through it was worth the reassurance.

p.s. If anyone has done a liver cleanse with success please send me a message — I’d love to hear about it!

p.p.s Come back real soon.. I’m back in the kitchen and have a new cookie recipe that was inspired by the cleanse!  🙂

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2 Responses to The Cleanse…

  1. Sara Wallach says:

    hey jess its sara! i admire what you began, but i agree, cleansing is really hard. also, i don’t believe in that 10-day b.s., i think three days is plenty for your body to become clean again… i think you and i have similar tendencies towards healthy food as the default setting, and i agree with you also that listening to your body is important. just the mindset that you are cleansing is enough to drive you crazy.
    love your blog, by the way. are you living in portland?

    • damedefleur says:

      sara love<3 thanks so much for the comment my dear. cleansing is really hard but also really inspiring and motivating. i feel like i am back with some clarity about life and i'm participating in my life instead of limiting myself… it feels awesome. i am re-energized and pumped! i just love food! he he.. p.s. i've been in portland since mid-dec. and have been loving it. lots of time to slow down, write, create and ride my bike… much needed after a full year of farm work 🙂

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