The Big T…

Tsunami.  A word that’s actual impact cannot be contained to just one word.  The devastation in Japan, although no where near as extreme, has got me thinking about being in Hawaii last February.  I remember waking up early on Sunday morning to a loud and continuous humming sound.   The daunting pitch sent an uncertain feeling through my body so I headed down to the warehouse in hopes that someone else was awake and had news of what was going on.  Eventually most of my fellow farmers made their way down and we found out that there was a tsunami warning across the islands.  The tsunami ended up missing the Big Island but I can’t help but feel reminiscent about the ominous warning sirens, the phone calls from loved ones and the uncertain path of mother nature.

Our farm was on high enough ground where the tsunami wouldn’t have affected us physically but as a community it surely would have.  I remember that day so clearly… after a morning of uncertainty and worried friends and family, Jess and I put on our Sunday best and headed up to the garden.  We frolicked about and took some pictures to lighten the mood and enjoy the day.   We sat together holding hands, saying silent prayers to all those who might be affected by the tsunami.  In the distance those sirens rang out loud and clear, for all to hear, reminding us all of the possible impending doom that was headed our way.  Luckily, it never came our way but I still felt blessed for the reminder that life is precious and that some things are completely out of your control.  Yes, we all chose to be in Hawaii but no one could predict the experience(s) you might have until you are actually there.. natural disasters included.

With all the phone calls and sirens and hype I was surprised that I didn’t feel scared, or anxious or afraid.  The only thing I did feel was love.  In this day of reflection all I could feel was the warm, soft glow of love as I sat at the top of the farm, looking out onto the clearest blues of ocean…. I closed my eyes and basked in the late morning sun and I thought about all those that I loved and sent them wonderful thoughts.  Little bits of memories came in one by one and when I opened my eyes again all was okay – just as it had been before.  No matter what would happen I knew that I would be okay… and that is the most beautiful reminder of all.

That night the full moon shone brightly and we all celebrated life and love around the bonfire we made to enjoy in each others company… we lied there beneath the stars, counting our blessings for all the beautiful things that each one of us had in this world… and even though I count them every day, today I find myself closing my eyes and counting them all two or threes times over because I’m here and I can…

My loving thoughts are with those who have been affected by today’s tsunami and the relief that will be needed in the days and months to come… ♥

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