For the Love of Pi(e) & Twin Peaks (part II)…

As some of you may or may not know I am a HUGE Twin Peaks fan.  Of course, I was a little too young to watch and/or enjoy this fine TV series back in 1990 but I happily discovered my love for it when I was living in Montreal in 2008.  At the end of college I was getting into watching all of David Lynch’s films so it only made sense to continue on in watching his TV series.  It was at this time that I fell head over heels for pie & coffee – together forever – the end (and also, Agent Dale Cooper).  But for those of you who don’t remember or have no idea of what I’m talking about there is still time for you… please go out and purchase/rent the series and thank me later.  And just like the tradition of watching the LOTR trilogy in the winter months, Twin Peaks has it’s reserved winter series spot as well.  We started watching it all over again in February and are now well on our way into the second season.

But, honestly, what’s a little Twin Peaks with out a homemade piece of pie…. that first season will leave you with some serious pie cravings and I recommend having a pie on hand for at least the first couple episodes.  I’d love to make a party of it some day with some good friends and delicious coffee or tea.. kind of like the Twin Peaks party my friends Athena & Ben threw for Ben’s birthday last year where everybody dressed up as a character from the show and dined on a few dozen different kinds of pies and fresh ground coffee.  Boy was I crushed that I couldn’t be there.. Hawaii was just too far away. I eventually recovered but I still have dreams of having my own Twin Peaks series party some day in the future…

In the mean time though I wanted to share this delicious little recipe by VeganYumYum called Blueberry Hand Pies. It’s in the form of a more well known breakfast bar (i.e. pop tart) but a million times better.  They are made with actual fruit and very little ingredients!  They also fit nicely into the pocket of your hand and avoid the use of clanking of utensils and plates while you’re trying to watch an episode.

I have to admit though they were a little frustrating to assemble at first as the homemade crust and I had a little game of tug-a-war going before I figured out how to best maneuver it.  They didn’t come out as beautiful as on VeganYumYum’s blog but we gave it our best shot before plunking down to watch the next episode of Twin Peaks… so go visit VeganYumYum‘s blog and let me know how yours come out!  I will be trying this again perhaps this summer with some fresh strawberries or raspberries!  Delish!

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